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Company Reviews

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

In this new section, we will be reviewing from time to time hosting companies, domain registrars, VPS, dedicated servers and colocation providers in China.

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Alibaba acquires Hichina

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009, the company most known for its B2B site but also and, has acquired 85% of Hichina, one of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in mainland China. For more details please check the following link:

Auditing of Chinese domain names

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Starting December 14th, the CNNIC, the organism in charge of the administration of the dot cn registry, will be “auditing” all new dot cn registrations.

Basically, upon registration, dot cn applicants will need to transmit through their registrar the following:

-A detailed application form with information on the domain owner, hosting company etc. The application should have the company seal on it.

-A copy of the business license of applicant

-A copy of the ID card/passport of applicant.

Indeed, one of the changes in the new regulations is that now only companies can register new dot cn domain names.

The new tougher registration signals a tremendous change in the direction taken by the CNNIC when it comes to the administration of the dot cn domain names. Indeed, so far the .cn has been pursuing a low pricing policy, with dot cns sometimes as low as 1 yuan, in order to push up the total number of dot cn registrations. This policy has been so far successful as the registry now ranks second worldwide just behind the dot com registry. This however has attracted loads of spammers and other illegal users, which has made the .cn one of the less secure domain registries available. The new measures therefore are an attempt to address this issue and improve the overall reputation of dot cn domain names.

The new regulations are not retroactive, meaning domain names registered previously are not affected and their owners do not need to file an application. Also I would not say that they are 100% safe, and nobody can guarantee that some time from now, especially when renewing, they will not be required to file some type of registration. Already there is a crackdown on existing domain names with “incorrect” information, with domain owners required to update their information or run the risk to lose ownership of their domains…

Crackdown on the Internet in China

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Since the following of this month there has been an increased pressure over the internet and web hosting in mainland China. There are two main aspects on the crackdown:

1-Web sites with illegal contents, i.e. adult contents/porn, political related, drugs and other subjects that are prohibited in China. Online forums and blogs are being shut down as well as scores of websites for mobile phones.

2-Websites operating without an ICP license. Sites hosted in China need to apply for an ICP license, now the authorities are enforcing that rule and shutting down sites or whole servers when found without the necessary licenses.

While this has happen before, this month a new method has been adopted by the regulators, which is to go directly to datacenters. Datacenters that are found to have a large number of illegal sites/sites without license are just shut down altogether. Earlier this month over 10 Shanghai Telecom datacenters were thus shut down, causing tens of thousands of websites, most of which legitimate or business related to go offline for over a week, causing outcry online among Chinese netizens. But it is not only Shanghai that is affected. All over the country websites and datacenters are being shut down or heavily regulated.

We will be posting more articles on this subject as we get more news on this.

My China Hosting Blog Launched

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

At this eve of Christmas 2009 we are happy to launch My China Hosting Blog.

Our objective through this blog is to give knowledgeable updates on the web hosting industry in China, changes in regulations (which happen quite often in China!), but also interesting hosting offers from China hosting providers that could be of interest of our visitors.

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