New design for My China Hosting blog

As you would have noticed we have made changes to the website design with a new and more modern theme. Hopefully you will like it. We will be posting new articles on hosting in China on in a near future. Please bookmark and come back in the near future.

How to host a website in China, as a non-resident?

China is bound to become the largest economy in the world, and companies of all sizes from around the world have or are planning to sell their products or offer their services to Chinese consumers and businesses. The Great Firewall severely restricts access to overseas websites in China, either by blocking them, or by making the access speed extremely slow. In order to provide the best user experience to Chinese users visiting their websites, overseas companies therefore would preferably host their websites within the firewall, on a mainland China server. The problem in doing so is the ICP license requirement which…

Do you really need to host a website in China when targeting Chinese users?

One question we are often asked is whether it is really needed to host a website in China when targeting visitors, clients or in general users from mainland China? The reply is yes and no. China is today the second largest economy in the world and many Western companies are involved with China in a way or another. Many are importing products from China, others have products that have a potential market in China. Some are even considering moving to China to establish a branch there. Most Fortune 500 companies have branches, factories or representative offices in China. For many…

My China Hosting Blog Launched

At this eve of Christmas 2009 we are happy to launch My China Hosting Blog. Our objective through this blog is to give knowledgeable updates on the web hosting industry in China, changes in regulations (which happen quite often in China!), but also interesting hosting offers from China hosting providers that could be of interest of our visitors. Make sure to subscribe to be kept updated when new articles are posted!