Best Web Hosting Companies in Hong Kong: A 2020 Review

Other than being a top financial center, Hong Kong plays also a strategic role when it comes to business and technology in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the natural gateway to mainland China and the city-state also has a worldclass infrastructure that is second to none. It is therefore natural that many companies look for Hong Kong when they plan to host their websites targeting China or the Asia Pacific region.

There are many web hosting companies in Hong Kong, some being around since the dot com era, but many newer ones as well. Our research and interviews with industry experts has allowed us to shortlist 5 hosting companies that are the creme de la creme for shared hosting in Hong Kong. We will be making reviews on each one of them on future blog posts, but for now we are providing their websites, main pros and cons which will help you make your decision.

#1: KowloonHosting

Pros: Excellent Value, Highly Performant Servers, Free Backups, 4 Hong Kong Data Centers

Cons: Short refund period (10 days)

#2: SinoHosting

Pros: Over 12 global locations, Trusted brand

Cons: No monthy plans

#3: Alibaba Cloud

Pros: Large Company, Cloud Expertise

Cons: No cPanel Option, focused on mainland China customers

#4: China Hoster

Pros: China-dedicated bandwidth & DNS, Free SSL certificates, Fast Servers

Cons: No Windows hosting

#5: Xenyo Hosting

Pros: Reliable servers, Also provides web design

Cons: No entry level plans