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Do you really need to host a website in China when targeting Chinese users?

One question we are often asked is whether it is really needed to host a website in China when targeting visitors, clients or in general users from mainland China? The reply is yes and no. China is today the second largest economy in the world and many Western companies are involved with China in a way or another. Many are importing products from China, others have products that have a potential market in China. Some are even considering moving to China to establish a branch there. Most Fortune 500 companies have branches, factories or representative offices in China. For many…

KowloonHosting, new host in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a host in Hong Kong/China you can take a look at www.kowloonhosting.com ; although relatively new, this company appears to be professional, and their offerings are definitely competitive as compared to what you can get from the usual competition. This is not a review as we have not got an account with them to test the service. We will however do a review later this year. KowloonHosting provides shared hosting (Linux only), reseller hosting (cPanel+WHM) and dedicated servers in Hong Kong.