Introducing Aliyun, Alibaba’s cloud service

Aliyun ( is the Alibaba’s response to Amazon Web Services ( for the Chinese market. Some would call it a clone, however Aliyun has not just copied the features and services of AWS, but rather developed a full product range that meet the requirements of the Chinese marketplace. While Aliyun is mostly known for its cloud servers, it is in fact more than just that. The mean products include; -Cloud servers (ECS) -Cloud Server Loads Balancers (SLB) -Elastic Scaling Services (ESS) -Cloud Load Balancers -Open Storage Service (OSS) -Content Delivery Networks (CDN) -Open Archive Service (OAS) -Open Table Service (OTS)…

Alibaba acquires Hichina, the company most known for its B2B site but also and, has acquired 85% of Hichina, one of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in mainland China. For more details please check the following link: