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G Suite vs Microsoft 365: Which one to use in China

One of the questions we frequently receive is which is the best email service option between G Suite and Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) for companies operating in China? The choice is an easy one. For many years already, Gmail and many of other Google’s products have been blocked in mainland China. To access those services, effectively one must be using a VPN or proxy service, which can be slow and not reliable. Therefore, if you are going to be using this email service in China, Microsoft 365 is probably the better choice. There are two options when…

Can I use Gmail in China?

As with many Google services, Gmail is currently blocked in China. As such, if you are going to spend some time in China, Gmail would be a poor choice for your primary email solution. Alternatives would be Outlook or local email providers. You might be able to continue to use Gmail however if you have a reliable VPN solution however doing so would be at your own risks.

Alternatives to Gmail for Business Email Hosting in China

As you are probably aware China does not play nice with Google services and for the last two years Gmail has virtually been unusable in mainland China. Below our top 5 alternatives if you need to use email for your business while in China. 1) Outlook / Office365: probably the strongest Gmail/Google Apps for Work alternative, and a worldclass mail service with excellent delivery. Two server options to consider: mainland China (offered by Microsoft in partnership with 21Vianet) or Hong Kong. While mainland China servers are theoretically fasters to access from the country, the privacy of data hold by Chinese…