Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in China with English Support

When it comes to hosting a website targeted to the Chinese audience, size is not everything. Finding a company that provides decent technical support and understands international clients requirements, and also has secure, powerful and well-maintained server infrastructure is essential. Below five companies that are clearly leading the rest of the pack when it comes to hosting international customers in the greater China region.

1. SinoHosting

SinoHosting ( is probably the most known among Chinese hosting companies providing English support. With offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, SinoHosting hosts its customers on servers in mainland China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Jiangsu), Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and the UK. Its customers include all size of foreign-invested companies in China, ecommerce websites, foreign embassies and consulates in China, Chinese companies going international etc. Its services include Linux and Windows shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, web design and email marketing.

2. KowloonHosting

KowloonHosting ( aims at providing Hong Kong web hosting with American charateristics and level of service. While its office and servers are in Hong Kong, most of its customers are in mainland China, Japan and South East Asia. Its shared hosting services,. using a LAMP architecture and cPanel, boost a 24h support in English. It is also the leading reseller hosting company in Hong Kong. KowloonHosting also offers Hong Kong dedicated servers and SSL certificates.


ABCHK ( is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Hong Kong, boosting over 2,000 small and medium size business clients in the special economic region. It is now expanding its customer base accross mainland China.


HostMacau ( is the newest among the companies in our list and comes from Macau, a city most known for its casinos and tourism. HostMacau targets business clients and is quickly becoming a leader in this field. In mainland China, HostMacau has both foreign and local Chinese clients, and works in partnership with tens of web designers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing. HostMacau has servers in Macau, the US, Europe (Netherlands) and Brazil


HiChina ( is a well established Chinese web host serving millions of customers nationwide. Its English language division targets foreign invested medium to large businesses operating in China. The division is relatively new and support can be a hit or miss as it is operated with Chinese business mentality. Nevertheless HiChina is recommended for joint ventures or if people managing your websites are mostly Chinese.

If you are looking to host your website in China or have a website catering to Chinese visitors, we hope this list would be helpful and you will be able to find a suitable host among the companies listed above.